Do You Need Scrapbooking Insurance?

That is a question I’d never considered…until I found THIS ARTICLE. Please give it a read; you won’t be sorry.

I have jokingly discussed this with some scrap friends, but never took it any further because I figured our homeowners policy would cover any loss of scrapbook supplies I ever suffered (oh, the horror! makes my skin crawl…). But this article got me thinking that I should look into our policy to make sure the limits are high enough to cover my stash that is surely worth thousands of dollars. Also, as a consultant for a scrapbook company, maybe I need to be insured as the article discusses. I know there are many of you in the same boat as me, so I hope you enjoy the article!


2 thoughts on “Do You Need Scrapbooking Insurance?

  1. pinkadillies says:

    That’s very interesting! Thanks – I probably would never have thought about that.

  2. americanmom says:

    Hi pinkadillies – There are so many details to this scrapbooking thing, aren’t there? LOL

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