Our Little Dooce Gets Published!

Well, technically, this isn’t scrapbook related…except that I originally found this talented writer on CATHY Z’s BLOG…but…

One of my all time favorite blogs is Dooce, which is written by Heather Armstrong. Look, she’s down there in my Blog Roll. Her humor is not for the faint hearted, which means she’s right up my alley. And her photography is amazing. Well, check out this ENTRY ON HER BLOG! She just had something published in a special issue of Real Simple magazine called Family. Coincidentally, I recently subscribed to Real Simple and this issue just arrived yesterday. So I’m off to check it out – CONGRATS HEATHER!


One thought on “Our Little Dooce Gets Published!

  1. leslie says:

    That’s so funny! I had this magazine and wasn’t really reading it. James picked it up and read that title of her article and we laughed. But I didn’t put two and two together. Thanks! Love Heather’s stuff

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