Show Me Your Explosion Boxes

I first discovered Photo Explosion Boxes online awhile back, because there was some controversy about a scrapbooker/papercrafter supposedly coming on to message boards and blogs saying she had the copywright or patent or whatever on explosion boxes. Like, therefore no one else could post them or do them or some such nonsense. After reading the posts on the topic, I came away with the fact that explosion boxes were created way back when and there is no way someone from this generation could copyright or patent them. Anyway, always one for a good scrapbook-related controversy, that’s me! But I did fall in love with how KEWL they are and what a great idea. Here is an example of one:

explosion box2

explosion box1

These photos are from a wonderful blog full of projects – check out Stamp, Paper, Scissors HERE.

It’s been in the back of my mind to create one someday, so I always have my eye out for instructions. Today, I was cruising over at 2peas and found this, the CUTEST EXPLOSION BOX ever. I like how it has so many more places to put stuff than the other explosion boxes I’ve seen. So, I’m off to try and translate centimeters into inches, and French into English. Have you done an explosion box yourself, do ya wanna’, or seen one you really like? Please link to it or tell us where to find it on your blog down there in Comments. Thanks!


8 thoughts on “Show Me Your Explosion Boxes

  1. Kelliannie says:

    I never heard about that one! Who was it that claimed they patented explosion boxes?

  2. Latrice says:

    This is super cute. I need to try these one day. I’ve never done them before. Keep up the good work!!

  3. shaina says:

    Love the explosion boxes! They are beautiful!!

  4. Samantha says:

    I love it!! I really need to create one of these soon. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. scrappydo says:

    Hi there
    Here is a link to a post on my blog… It has a photo of the one I did.. I’m not a great photographer but I’m sure you’ll see it fine. My post also links to what I think are the easiest instructions around (glitteradverntures or something like that)
    Hope you have time to have fun – they make great gifts! Must make another one soon I think! :lol:

  6. scrappydo says:

    oh crumbs – forgot the link after all that yabbering! :lol:

  7. Kim says:

    Hi! It’s not mine, but saw this amazing and beautiful Explosion Box (Christmas Mailbox as an Explosion Box) at my LSS. Check it out!


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