A Belated Thank You…

to my online pal, CHRIS (aka Chrispea on CKMB and AMR).

She posted THIS on her blog the other day. Besides the fact that it’s a very cool tutorial on how to make that “I ripped it out of a spiral notebook” look, she also wished me happy birthday there at the end. Her kindness to me comes as no surprise, as she’s one of the most generous MB friends around. Not to mention talented, funny, and extremely computer and graphic design savvy. So, thanks again, Chris!

Also, please give THIS POST I wrote the other day another look-see. I had to eat some words (yum!).

And a heads up to any AMR girlz who might happen to read this…after I survive the crop I’m holding this Saturday, I will be posting a big “thank y’all” for 30+ birthday cards I received…

Okay, buh-bye…


5 thoughts on “A Belated Thank You…

  1. Are you hosting the crop this weekend? I’ll be out of town, but I’ll be with you in spirit!

  2. Oh, you’re just too darn sweet!! You’re welcome!! : )

  3. americanmom says:

    Hey Julie ~ Not the AMR crop, but an IRL one. I do them about 4 or 5 times a year for friends. Rent a hotel event room and do it up! We have a blast but it’s a lot of work :) Have a great trip this weekend!

  4. WOW! 30 Cards!!! That is a whole lot of love! I will have to check out AMR, Happy Birthday!!!!

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