Sheesh, The Things I Do 4 My Scrap Friends…

This one’s for you, EILEEN. When a fellow scrapper and JOURNEY fan asks, I try to deliver. Check it out over there to the right –> I finally figured out how to add an About Me page with an avatar. Small, unobtrusive, there if you need it but easy to ignore if ya don’t…kinda like me in real life…’cept the small part.


4 thoughts on “Sheesh, The Things I Do 4 My Scrap Friends…

  1. christina says:

    cool avatar thingy. btw, what does “tweet tweet” mean???

  2. americanmom says:

    Hi Christina ~ You said a little bird told you about the clearance on Garden Party at Target and I thought you meant me, so “tweet tweet.” But after I wrote it, I realized you certainly could’ve heard about it at CKMB or somewhere, LOL! Enabling goes on all over the internet :)

  3. Eileen says:

    My response disappeared! Well, maybe you’ll end up with two from me. What more could you ask for, eh? Yeah, right.

    Well, I’m honored. I’m impressed. I’m blown away. And I’m a fan of your very different and informative blog, as are 159,907 other people! Man, look at those numbers!

    You REALLY rock!

    Don’t stop believin!

  4. americanmom says:

    Aw shucks, Eileen, thanks!!

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