SO Not Scrapbook Related…

Oprah, I luv ya, but if I have to hear about this book….

…or listen to this weird little man…

…ONE MORE TIME, I think I’ll throw my tivo out the window! I mean, move ON already. Let’s talk about home decor or school bullying or scrapbooking or interview some SAHM’s who spend too much time on message boards and maintaining their blogs (here! here! pick me!).

Crap, even an in-depth discussion on gas prices would be more interesting…


6 thoughts on “SO Not Scrapbook Related…

  1. Thena says:

    Once she started that, I stopped watching her.
    I just wish she would be a show hostess
    and let us alone…:-)

  2. sunnyncolorado says:

    LOL, Here, here!!

  3. Jackie says:

    Erika,Maybe you just need a new awakening! J/k thank you for saying it:)

  4. christina says:

    tell me about it! ugh, I’m so sick of her new age rant, I swear. I totally used to like her too until she got all super cosmic.

  5. Martha says:

    I totally agree….it’s sickening…un-Christian and I don’t know why so many are so blinded!

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