Maybe He’ll Take Up Digi-Scrapping?

I’m not having great luck getting good photos of this dog. I know the lighting is real bad. But Landry was helping me at the computer tonight, so I showed him how to use Photo Booth even though my office is kinda’ dark.

I imagine he’ll be in here taking self-portraits while I’m at work, so watch for those…


2 thoughts on “Maybe He’ll Take Up Digi-Scrapping?

  1. Leea says:

    I have to bribe Carlton, as otherwise I get nada for pictures, he won’t sit still …

    So watch you thinking about Shutterfly books on QVC, not all that good of deal, I get better deals as a member, yes these are premade but still…..

    Catch you later

  2. You know, Leea, I’ve never made a Shutterly book. I guess I should one of these days, huh? LOL! As for QVC, most of their scrapbooking doesn’t seem to be the deal it once was but closer to retail, IMHO. Hmmm…

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