Scrapbook Santa Strikes Again!

Remember THIS post, about Scrapbook Santa? Well, he’s in the news again. After Christmas, I got an e-mail from my online scrappy friend EILEEN asking for my address. It seems that Scrapbook Santa had accidentally left a package under her tree that was meant for me. Although I was a little shy to accept this gift from Eileen, I figured since it was from Scrappy Santa, I’d better not decline so that I could remain on his NICE list for next year (Tip: If you ever turn down gifts from Scrapbook Santa, he is NOT impressed and will promptly move you to the NAUGHTY list. Yeah, see, I bet you didn’t know that, huh?) I figured SB Santa had probably left me a Mike’s $1 stamp or maybe a pretty handmade card and I looked forward to receiving my envie in the mail. HowEVAH…

What came in the mail was a large padded ENVIE with….you will not believe this cuz I didn’t either….

The Bazzill pack of Christmas cardstock!!!! {Santa, you’re just feeding my addiction…and I luv ya for it!}

and THIS!!!!

Which, you may remember from THIS post and THIS post, were 2 things that I had really really really wanted but, well, ya know, money is tighter these days. Instead of buying these things for myself, whenever I’m at the store, I just kind of stand near the rack and pet them. Suffice to say, I was very blown away and grateful to Scrapbook Santa! He is such a good friend, taking the time to notice what things I was drooling over and kind enough to get them to me. He even had Eileen write me a nice note about my blog and friendship, which was the bestest part of the gift.

Thank you, Scrap Santa!!!! Give Eileen a hug for me, okay?

4 thoughts on “Scrapbook Santa Strikes Again!

  1. scrappysuzz says:

    Hey Ericka!! I got that Bazzill in mid December. I have like 4 sheets left. The colors are so good for everything, not just Christmas. Eileen must know that Scrappy Santa personally

  2. Eileen says:

    I’m so glad you received the envelope! Santa was about to take it home with him….he had Northern CA confused with the North Pole. Actually, just between us, he was a week late in arriving, and smelled a bit like rum. I think he was into the nip!

  3. Jana says:

    oooh enjoy our cute birdie stamps!!! I saw them at target a couple days ago, but passed them up :( And I too, have the bazzill from Mike’s hehe. Happy scrapping!

  4. gabyalcantara says:

    Oh enjoy your goodies!

    Thanks for stopping by mi blog!


    Love yours!

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