SO Cute Valentine Page Element!

I saw this the other day over on the blog for Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine. Ain’t it KEE-YUTE!

HERE is the tutorial for how to make it. Remember, if you don’t have the Bazzill scalloped heart paper (I sure don’t), you can make your own. Just cut out the heart from cardstock, then punch a bunch of circles and adhere them to the back of the heart with just the top half peeking out. Viola! Instant scalloped heart paper! What a great project for using your red and pink scraps, too. Heck, you could use this idea in so many ways….different shapes, different colors, different holidays. Like a party hat shape covered in blue, red, and yellow circles….a Christmas tree shape covered in red and green circles….it’s endless really…

What do you think of this cute idea? If you make one, please leave a link to your blog in Comments so we can all come see! If it’s okay with you, I’ll post a picture here with a link to your blog.

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3 thoughts on “SO Cute Valentine Page Element!

  1. jen allyson says:

    Way cute! i so need to make this! I used to have a whole pile of those scallop hearts but when I moved I left the with my mom :(

  2. Rachel says:

    What a darling idea!! TFS for sharing this inspiration!!

  3. Dana says:

    OMG, I am in love with all that new Fancy Pants!!!!!

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