Car Lots Should Be Using Scrapbooks in Their Business

You have GOT to read THIS. Truly one of the most unique articles about scrapbooking I have ever read in my life. Your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Car Lots Should Be Using Scrapbooks in Their Business

  1. Ona says:

    No doubt about it, English remains one of the more difficult languages to learn and master. I do give Audrey credit for expressing her thoughts, but it sure was painful to read. lol

    lovin’ your blog/ona

  2. Marcia/cmriker1 says:

    I agree with Ona. OMG! Normally, I would have given up after the first 2 paragraphs (well actually, I probably wouldn’t have made it that far), but I soldiered on since you had recommended it. Back to the message boards, at least there, I know that the mistakes are generally typos!

  3. anna_chronistic says:

    That was kind of fun to read. It took me a paragraph or so to really get into “translating” the English into the correct English, but it’s an interesting look at how translation can sometimes go wrong.

    It makes me wonder what my papers from high school French class would look like to a real French speaker. I did use the English-to-French dictionary a lot…

  4. Lydia Jackson says:

    Holy crackers I wish our micheals in Canada had that selection our does not have any of those!@

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