Getting Back Into the Memory Works Game

I’m going to write a longer post about this later but it’s midnight and I can’t sleep so thought I’d just write up the short version. I’ve been mulling it over for the last week or so (listen to me, like it’s some huge-amic decision that will affect the free world!)…and I’ve decided to kind of reactivate myself as a Memory Works Consultant. I’ve been with the company for about 2 years, I think, and was having a lot of MW fun until last fall when I had to take a chill with it. But I’ve decided to make a comeback, LOL!

I cashed in an old $15 product credit and bought 5 copies of the new Memory Works Catalog, which came today. I’ve been looking through it tonight and making a mental list of all the scrap I dream of buying. With the same order, I got a couple things from ‘Summer Soiree’ by Fancy Pants that I desired way back HERE. I got the “Exclusive Kit” THEME SET

…and the RUB-ONS.

I so very much wanted the NOTEBOOK JOURNAL

…but couldn’t afford it at this particular juncture. Oh God, I am such a freak for cute little journaling notebooks like that. I want, I want, I want! (Don’t I sound like that annoying girl in Willie Wonka?)

I just mass e-mailed all my old customers and crop friends to let them know I’m back in action, and to offer a free catalog to the first 5 who get back to me. I already heard back from my friend “D”, who I’m sure is up Facebooking. I know the economy royally sucks right now, so I’m not expecting to do the amount of business that I used to. But I’m brainstorming ideas and hoping to have at least a little success.

Anyhoo, that’s what’s on my mind late on a Friday night…Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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9 thoughts on “Getting Back Into the Memory Works Game

  1. bonnierose says:

    congrats to you! I would love love a catalog.. can u mail me one? U shud have my addr fr the journal spot swap, but let me know.. my email is
    I would love a catalog.. I too, have often considered this. just never took the plunge.. u know?? worried about specific requirements etc.. in this economy it’s hard to sell anything.. lots of ppl just don’t have the cash they used to have..
    I’d love a catalog!!
    pretty please??

  2. Jen Davis says:

    Congrats on your decision, I’ve often thought about working for them…they seem like they offer quite a selection of product. Best wishes (love the FP!).

  3. milkcan says:

    Congrats on getting back into the game! And good luck!

  4. Leea says:

    Isn’t someones Birthday coming maybe that person will get it for their birthday ;-)

  5. Jane Hakes says:

    Beautiful products. We don’t have that over here in the UK yet, unfortunately.

  6. Tisha says:

    how would I go about getting a catalog? I’ve never even heard of memory works.
    Let me know. Thanks.

  7. AndiD says:

    Congrats! I’ve been thinking of kicking it up lately too. So far it’s been mostly personal use and stuff. I just put in a big order last night!

  8. Karen says:

    pretty papers!

    Best wishes with your venture!

  9. Melissa says:

    hey, I have been looking for a MW person to order from. Send me an email of your info and I will go shopping from you!

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