New: “Traveler” by Little Yellow Bicycle @ Memory Works!

Everybody say, “Hey-aaaayyy!” Got some new shizzle in the hizzy! Yes, the goodies have landed at Memory Works. We now carry the following items:

“TRAVELER” by Little Yellow Bicycle {Just click on the BOLD title of each item to place an order}

THEME SET {Price: $6.75}

CLEAR CUT SHAPES {Price: $5.00}

RUB-ONS {Price: $3.50}

STICKERS {Price: $4.00}



CHIPBOARD ALBUM {Price: $10.00}

5.75×11.75 Chipboard Album with Acrylic Cover

PAPER TABLET {Price: $9.00}

11.75×5.75 paper tablet designed to work with the chipboard album.

I have to admit, I’m kind of a collector of travel-themed papers. I’ve scrapped some long trips (12 days in Europe, 8 days in northwest US, etc.), and have a few more on the Scrap To Do list. I’m always on the lookout for cool travel papers and I really like this line. The colors are bright but distressed (did that even make sense?), and the color combo will go with just about any travel photos. No, I promise I won’t dress my family in navy polos and orange jackets on our next trip! Really, I won’t (wink). Nah, this line will match the photos on it’s own.

I think my favorite item is the Journaling Tablet. Yeah, you know me, a sucker for journaling spots…. And I love the paper shaped like a highway sign, with the journaling lines.

HERE is a link to their website gallery with some great inspiration ~ projects using the LYB Traveler line…

What do you think of this new line, “Traveler” by Little Yellow Bicycle?

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2 thoughts on “New: “Traveler” by Little Yellow Bicycle @ Memory Works!

  1. Ona says:

    A switch just turned on in my brain in response to the 6×9 album and paper tablet. Never saw the inherent beauty of the size until now. Also give them credit for using bicycle logo in clears, stickers, and rubs. Makes me wonder what the pre-production conversations were when someone discovered they could employ their logo in the line. A true “A-ha” moment in my book. (Spent the last half hour looking at their other lines to see if bicycle was used before. Couldn’t find one. Am I wrong on this? Don’t like creating myths…)

  2. Susan says:

    Love the line! So cute! (PS: Love your blog too!)

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