“The History of Scrapbooking” as told by the layout…

Just wanted to share this amazing layout I saw on 2peas by FlowerFlora from Athens, Greece.

I’m just stunned by this layout. The intricacy, the historical fact, the sheer artistry. Anyone who thinks it’s “just scrapbooking” should look at this piece. Personally, I think it belongs in a museum….

This amazing artist’s 2peas gallery is HERE. You can see close-ups of everything, and read all the journaling. HERE is her blog…it’s all written in Greek, which is fun to look at in itself, not to mention her body of work! Like her “Life is a Tree,” for example…

Did I mention she does STUNNING work????


One thought on ““The History of Scrapbooking” as told by the layout…

  1. Jenny McGee says:

    What a cool way to document the history of scrapbooking then by scrapbooking it. Love it.

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