30% Off ALL Martha Stewart Crafts

4 days only! { November 8 through 11, 2009 }

Sounds like a good time to get some of those sought after Martha punches….or the cool MS peg stamps that my SSS bud, KELLI, showed us. She made this card with them….isn’t it GORGE!?!?!

Also, a $100 credit if you buy the Gypsy before 11/30/09

If you’re signed up for their coupon and weekly ad e-mails, you can get a 40% off AND a 50% off coupon to be used those 4 days also.

For the love of all that is scrappy….you have got to look at all the Mike’s eye candy HERE! OMG, so glad I saw this. Now I’m REALLY excited because… If all goes as planned, I’m headed to the Big City tomorrow for my monthly Costco run. Which also means Michaels, Tuesday Morning, Barnes and Noble (December CK is out!), and the craft store. For some reason, I LOVE Costco Run days :)

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5 thoughts on “30% Off ALL Martha Stewart Crafts

  1. Maureen says:

    Oh yeah…. I have succumbed to the MS punches already; used 50% off coupons for two sets; the snowflakes and loopy punches.

    I just may HAVE to return by Wednesday ;)

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. susan says:

    I’ll def have to check these out. I’m starting to get addicted to MS punches! Thanks Erika! BTW, our Wal-mart had four different MS punch around the page sets for $5 each! Marked down from $20! I scooped all four – loopy, leaf, spiderweb, and 3 dot scallop.

  3. Angie says:

    Wow, sounds like a super fun ( and expensive!) day. lol Can I come?

  4. […] did take a photo to show you that Martha Stewart peg stamp kit I talked about HERE. It’s normally $18 but everything MS was 30% off so I was tempted but didn’t get […]

  5. Amy Chretin says:

    great deals! i love KI memories too! that school line is darling!

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