Basic Grey: Black Tie, Phresh & Funky, Sublime, Motifica … Oh My!

Sometimes the temptation is just too hard to resist….

Today, I received an e-mail from EMBELLISH IT!, an online scrapbooking company known for carrying everything Basic Grey. Not only that, they carry the matching Bazzill cardstock for every line put out by Basic Grey. Yep, two of my favorite things in life: Basic Grey and Bazzill. Anyway, this e-mail was titled, “Basic Grey Vintage Packs” and it said the following:
BasicGrey has RE-released some of their first lines – these are only available in collection packs.This is a one-time offer as when they are gone – they will be gone forever.
Warning: Shop Early if interested.
They are on Sale for $12 collection
Sale Price is good until Dec 31, 2009

Holy Grail of scrapbooking! Did someone say VINTAGE Basic Grey?!?! I’m there. I am SO there!

So I click over to their website and see all the gloriousness that is Old School BG. Let me just show you what I’m talkin’ ’bout…




Well, crap, I can’t find a good photo online anywhere, but you remember how cool it was, right??

Anyway, you can see the BG paper packs HERE. Most of them are only $12.

I have a friend who has been looking for Sublime, so I called her today and told her about the sale. I thought she might want me to order it for her, then we could share the shipping costs; I was right, LOL!

I got some Black Tie and Phresh & Funky for myself, and the Sublime for her. I found a coupon code online for $3 off, and entered it at checkout, but I don’t know if it worked. The goodies don’t ship until (anticipated) December 18, so I’ll have to find some patience somewhere. Can’t wait til my BG gets here.

I’m trying to remember the first BG collection I ever saw. I know it was love at first sight, that much is certain. I think it was Motifica, which is still my favorite Basic Grey line of all time. {Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone! I am hoarding a substantial amount of Motifica….}.

They come out with new collections so consistently, I’ve never been able to keep up with buying them as fast as they make them. Black Tie and Phresh & Funky are 2 collections that I don’t have any of, so I was obligated to get some, right?

So, if you’re also a fan of Basic Grey in their vintage hey day, go over to Embellish It! and order some, so I’m not sitting her feeling guilty alone, K?

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7 thoughts on “Basic Grey: Black Tie, Phresh & Funky, Sublime, Motifica … Oh My!

  1. Scrappy Girl says:

    You crack me up…those are awesome paper pads…glad you got more for your stash!

  2. Jingle says:

    LOL! I think I still HAVE some Motifica in my stash! This might force me to get Black Tie, though. I really like it and I never got it the first time around. Ummm…are you going to share that code of yours?

  3. Hey, me, too… I still have some Motifica.

  4. Jen Davis says:

    Oh, yes…I remember these!

  5. Tina Sawyers says:

    This was before I joined the “cult” of scrapbooking, but they are still cool!

  6. Jamie says:

    You had me at “Vintage”!

  7. CKReader says:

    The angel on my right shoulder says…If they still have Phresh & Funky tonight go ahead and order it. But you need to be frugal since your going to a crop earlier this evening and god only knows how much $$$ you’ll spend.

    The devil on my left shoulder says….IT’S BASIC GREY WOMAN! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!!!

    You’re such an enabler, Erika.

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