Cricut Cartridges at Costco?

Word on the street is that Costco had new Cricut cartridges on sale 3 for $98 through Sunday. I cannot confirm nor deny since I just heard this today and won’t be able to get there.

Did anyone see this or take advantage of it? Do tell!

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2 thoughts on “Cricut Cartridges at Costco?

  1. Mustangkayla says:

    I talked to a friend on Saturday who said they were demoing them at the nearest Costco and she got 3 for $100! I have no clue how long that price is for though!

  2. Christina says:

    I am even more happy to read your blog now that I am in France for the next year and there are no Michaels, discounted scrapbook products, or hot deals anywhere!!!! And international shipping is so expensive!!! So at least I can virtually still visit places through your blog!

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