Scrapbook Sketches Organization

I didn’t get any scrapbooking done this weekend, but I still feel like I accomplished something good … something that will help me scrapbook mo’ betta in the future. I printed and organized a bunch of sketches and sample layouts.

Let me backtrack a bit: Please read THIS ENTRY first so you’re up to speed :) Since I wrote that post last April, ALLISON DAVIS and SCRAPBOOK GENERATION have come out with Volumes 6 and 7 of layout sketches, along with a Volume 2 of card sketches. ETA 3/21/11: Their Sketch DVD has also been released. Man, I hate it when I’m wrong! The DVD was never released and I just blogged an update about it HERE. Sorry for the misinformation, folks!

Alas, I haven’t purchased any of them yet although I plan to.

In the meantime, I’m still getting much use from Volumes 1 through 5, and I’m so loving the way I pulled the books apart and have filed them into a binder. They’re in order by number of photos and they’ve been SO helpful to the way I scrapbook. To add to my beloved sketch binder, I go to Allison’s blog and take advantage of her monthly Sketch Weeks. It’s where she takes a sketch and shows a week’s worth of layouts based on that sketch, including helpful notes about variations she used and how/why she did them.

If she uses a sketch from Volumes 1 through 5 ~ since I already have the sketch filed in my binder ~ I print out the sample pages and file them behind the sketch. If she uses a sketch that I don’t have, I print the sketch along with the sample pages. Those go into my sketch binder, too, based on the number of photos used.

I hadn’t printed any since last spring when I started my binder so I had many months of printing and filing to do. In the sidebar of Allison’s blog you’ll find all of her Sketch Weeks broken down by month and even by Day 1, etc. I would click open Day 5 since that’s when she posts ALL of the layouts from the week in one post, which is ever so helpful.

Now she also has a blog called SKETCH SUPPORT which has even MORE sketches to print and play with! I’m in Sketch Heaven, I tell ya’. {I’m a 2-page layout girl so I only utilize that part of Sketch Support}. I guess the only problem is … now I have so many sketches printed out … I’m going to need a second binder, LOL :) Such a problem to have …

I keep my sketch binder on my desk at all times. It sits horizontally (which is the way the sketches are printed) on a cookbook stand like THIS:

I flip back my binder to the sketch I’m using … easy peasy. The stand is really nice because it makes it easier to see the sketch while I work and it also doesn’t take up as much room on my precious scrap desk real estate.

Sooooo … did you get any scrappy organization done this weekend?

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10 thoughts on “Scrapbook Sketches Organization

  1. Debby says:

    Great tips. I did do a little cleaning and reorganizing this weekend. I needed to make room for some new release stamps, so I had to organize the stamps to have more room.

  2. Kel says:

    Great idea to get organized. I did get some scrappin’ done, but absolutely NO organization done.. I’ll have to check out those sketch’s

  3. Danielle says:

    Thanks for sharing your sketch organization. I also have her sketches, but was struggling how to store them all. This seems like a good way to do it and I love the cookbook stand idea.

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  5. tracy says:

    Good tip about the book holder

  6. Scrappnbee says:

    That is such a cool find! Love it! Organized a little… then messed it up again!

  7. scrappyJedi says:

    Great idea to use a cookbook holder for you sketch books!!

    Are you sure the DVD has been released yet? I can’t find a place to order it in their online store, though I’d love to have it!

  8. Mary says:

    I actually got all my scrapbook stuff together in one place – it’s a start!

  9. Mary Woods says:

    Love the tip about the cookbook holder! Just may have to use it, now that I’m starting to get back into scrapbooking after taking almost 2 years off!

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