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It seems the hot item of Spring 2011 (erm, now “Summer 2011”) is the “Smash Book” by K & Company. What in the heck is a Smash Book, you ask? Check this out:

{There is music so check your volume … fyi} …

From the EK Success “brand buzz blog“:

Already a hit before it has even released (coming this spring!), SMASH is an exciting new program from K&Company that takes scrapbooking back to its roots. Simplistic, on-the-fly, and with no rules and no special crafting ability needed, you can Smash your everyday life between the pages of our contemporary-style Smash Books.

An ultra-convenient combo glue pen/journaling marker comes attached to each book so it’s always at hand when you need it. Now, how cool is that?!

So, what do you Smash? Well, it doesn’t have to be a life event, just the special little moments and mementos of your day—some of that stuff in your junk drawer, for example. A snapshot, a ticket stub from that movie you loved, a newspaper clipping, a magazine snippet, a cardboard coaster from a favorite restaurant, your child’s first crayon doodle…get the idea? Smash it, jot a note or add a caption sticker, and go!

Here is a video of the Smash Book set-up at CHA back in February 2011 from Noell Hyman at PAPERCLIPPING.COM:

{By the way, I’m listening to the latest Paperclipping broadcast while I blog. CHECK IT}.

As you can see, this isn’t your traditional scrapbooking, but a cool twist, a fun new way of keeping your memories … unstructured, unfiltered, unencumbered by convention. For some of us, Smash Books may bring back memories of our childhood or teenage years when we kept books with doodles, ticket stubs, photos, quotes, and random writings.

One of the reasons these books are so eagerly anticipated … is that they were supposed to be available in April 2011, but K & Company had a manufacturing delay. They weren’t sure when the Smash Books would be ready to ship, then came out with projected dates in May … exact date dependent on when each retailer receives them.

On their awesome SMASH STORIES BLOG, they then did two things that somewhat appeased the masses: They did a giveaway of the mini-Smash Books (I was lucky enough to get one, thanks to my friend Abby tipping me off!), and they did weekly giveways of a full-size Smash Book each Monday.

I’ve heard comments on the message boards that, because of the delay, some people are “so over” the Smash Books. They got tired of waiting and lost enthusiasm, wanted them for grad gifts and it’s too late now, etc. I understand the frustration and wish the delay wouldn’t have happened. I do think it cost K & Company some sales … but think in the long run, this will still be a VERY popular product.

I plan to get one … or several. I don’t even know what I’m going to use Smash Books for yet … I just know that I must have them, LOL. The accessories are SO cute. Sure, you could make your own version of a Smash Book but I think this version is super cute and unique … also, I assume, archival safe … which a composition book, etc. you make on your own might not be.

A few ideas I have for my own Smash Books are:

Everyday stuff ~ Quotes, random photos, ticket stubs, grocery lists, sticky notes (I *live* for sticky notes!), observations, etc.

Kids book ~ Funny or interesting things my kids do or say, milestones, photos that won’t be scrapped with another event, etc.

Weight loss ~ I just started a weight loss journal, a plain lined notebook about the same size as a Smash Book. But if I get a Smash Book soon, I may re-start it and include photos, measurements, before/during/after photos, recipes, menus, etc. The cute stickers and add-ons could make a quite boring job a bit more fun. And when (not IF) I reach my weight loss goals, I’ll have a cool little book to look back on. A cool PRIVATE little book. Ahem.

What would you do with a Smash Book?

Here is a sample Smash Book from the Smash Blog:

I am SO happy that Memory Works will be carrying a bunch of the K & Company Smash Books line. You can find it on my website HERE and place an order soon. (As of this blog post, availability is expected on May 20, 2011!!!).

I’ve known for quite some time that Memory Works was going to carry Smash Books and contemplated taking pre-orders for them (like I’ve done for the very popular SIMPLE STORIES lines). But I was too nervous, given the delays they’d already had and unpredictability of when Memory Works would actually have them in stock.

According to our online Product Availability list, Smash Books are due at Memory Works on May 20, 2011 … a mere 2 days away. So *now* I feel comfortable posting about them. I hope you’ll consider ordering your Smash Books and accessories from me! To entice you, I’m going to post photos of the different colors available and a peek inside to some of the pages ~ so you can pick the best style for your project …

Do you have a favorite? I think I’m leaning toward the PINK if I could only choose one.

Okay, I’m going to shut up about the Smash Books now :P

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11 thoughts on “Memory Works: Smash Book by K & Company

  1. Alanna says:

    I saw this on another blog earlier in the year – LOVE IT! Is such a brilliant concept… I love the wedding example – would be so handy for brides-to-be out there. I absolutely love this concept… maybe I should get one…

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  3. “So cool. I like the pick too. And the pen/glue combo is awesome!!

  4. Tammy says:

    It’s a great concept! I’ll probably end up with one, but I really want to see it in person first to see if I would really put it to good use. Thanks for the heads up that they are just about here. :)

  5. Melina Edwards says:

    I love this idea! My high school memory books look like this and so does my wedding album. I would love to get a couple of these Smash books to just put things in that I have accumulated in a big basket. This would be perfect! From little notes my daughter gives me to things I cut out of magazines. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Dee says:

    I love this Smash book!! I’m in it every day adding a tidbit, morsel or something. I have to keep telling myself it is NOT a scrapbook and everything doesn’t have to be matted, embellished or stickeled…I’m starting to get the hang of if. All I need is 2 minutes to jump in and jump out! I’m going to get more of them…maybe to a specific topic rather than this and that like my first one is. Love Love Love this book!!!

  7. Veronika Mayer says:

    how could I get it in Hungary????? fantastic, great!

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  9. Rene says:

    I think most of us could use stuff we already have……….the smash stuff is cool but I have so so so much stuff already!!

  10. Samntha says:

    I think Smash very simple. I dont want to have one.

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