Shocked and Saddened :(

I just heard via e-mail of the death of an online scrapping buddy of several years :( I’ll be writing a full post about her once there is more time for the news to circulate to her friends.

I’m so sad.

It makes other things seem so petty and immaterial.

God bless you all.


3 thoughts on “Shocked and Saddened :(

  1. Kathy W says:

    So Sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and her family.

  2. Dee says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. Death brings us heartache no one can heal. Love gives us memories that no one can steal.

  3. Angela (HsvScrapGirl) says:

    I am still in shock over her passing. I knew it was bad, but I didn’t think we would lose her so soon, so quickly. It feels like a horrible dream that we should all wake up from, but unfortunately it is not. She will be missed very much.

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