K&Company Smash Book 2011 Catalog

OMG, is THIS the coolest thing ever??

I love how you can turn the pages like a real catalog.
I love how you can put your cursor on something and it gives a description.
I love how they show you the inside pages of each Smash Book.
I love how they put the item number in case you want to ask your LSS to order something for you.
I love the page-turney noises it makes.
I love how all the Pieces and Parts are in one place.
I love the examples they show of how to use each P and P.

Can you tell I love it??? Enjoy :)

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3 thoughts on “K&Company Smash Book 2011 Catalog

  1. Ursula says:

    that is a DANGEROUS catalog you are wielding! LOL

  2. Pamela Young says:

    Checked it out and yes, it is awesome. :)

  3. craftychicgirl says:

    how fun!…thanks for sharing…

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