Article: Professional Organizer Who’s Also a Scrapper

Read it HERE.

I would LOVE to see pictures of HER scrapbooking space. Do you suppose it’s perfectly organized … or is she like the cobbler with holes in his shoes? The chef who eats take-out? The bald hairdresser? Bwahaha! I could keep going … but I won’t. I’ll let you read the article.

Ok. Guh-hed.

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3 thoughts on “Article: Professional Organizer Who’s Also a Scrapper

  1. Pamela Young says:

    Yes, I’d be interested in knowing too. :)

  2. Christina L says:

    I’d love to see a picture of her scraproom. I’ll bet she could teach us all a thing or two. LOL. :)

  3. Ursula says:

    I have a friend who thought about getting into this. She didn’t, but she did help me organize my room and it is amazing now! I love it so much. She’s a scrapper too and her room is always immaculate.

    Thanks for your kind word on the thread, BTW. But I didn’t get any posts from you on my blog so not sure what happened, But I sure appreciate your support and visiting!

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